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INKO Portable Heating Pad

INKO Portable Heating Pad

This product uses a method to increase thermal efficiency by concentrating heat in the center of the product, so only 75% of the total area is heat generated. It is normal for only a portion of the product to generate heat, and there is no need to worry as there is enough area to feel the heat.

The temperature of the adapter may rise by up to 20 degrees when turned on. The adapter becoming warm is a normal and is not a defect.

This product is equipped with an automatic power off function after 12 hours if there is no further operation after pressing the power button, preventing low-temperature burns. Please be careful as all heating products have a risk of low-temperature burns if used for an excessively long period of time!

The product can be rolled up and stored. However, when rolling and storing, be careful not to press the pad or regulator with heavy force or strong pressure.

Doing so may reduce the performance of your laptop or computer and may cause damage. Laptop and computer USB ports are rated at 500mA, and for INKO products, 2A is recommended, so you will not feel much heat.

Therefore, please use it as an external battery or adapter.

The lifespan of the product may vary depending on the environment and frequency of use. Because it is made of plastic and metal, it has a long functional life.

New products may feel less warm when first operated because they begin to generate heat without heat storage. You can keep it warmer by turning it on for a certain period of time and putting it in your pocket or wrapping it with a thin cloth or blanket.

If a functional failure occurs under normal use, you can receive free service within 1 year (warranty) of purchase.

However, this only applies if the product breaks down within the warranty period when used in accordance with the precautions in the user manual.

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