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The Caresys Pet Dry Room is delivered as a finished product that just needs to be connected with a power cord, so there is no need for a separate installation visit.

For short-haired breeds, it takes about 15 minutes, and it takes about 30 minutes for long-haired breeds. This may vary depending on the hair quality of your pets. You can dry more quickly if you wipe off the moisture sufficiently before using the dry room and comb it occasionally during use.

After first receiving it, leave the sliding door open for at least a week, allow your pet to adapt to the pet dry room as if it were his or her own space, and then make the pet dry room feel like a fun space through treat rewards and nose work play, and then use it. Even when the animal is drying, it can be used happily without any resistance.

In the case of bio pads(diatomaceous earth), if you scrape off the surface with sandpaper when contaminated, you can use it for a long time. If it is damaged, we recommend replacing it.

In the case of the all-in-one filter, we recommend cleaning it once a month if used once a week, once every two weeks if used frequently, and replacing it after a maximum of one year. In the case of cent pouches, we recommend replacing them when the scent runs out.

One (1) year warranty, and a separate fee will be charged in case of customer error or for products that are used for more than one year.

To apply for service, please contact or (213) 351-0000.

It is most important to dry thoroughly with a towel and comb your pet hair between uses of the dry room for quick drying. Immediately after bathing, set the temperature to 104 degrees (40 degrees Celsius) and the air volume level to level 4. When it is almost dry, lower the temperature.

Pets have a higher basic physical strength than humans, so even if the maximum temperature is set to 104 degrees (40 degrees Celsius), the temperature is still felt at around 82 degrees (28 degrees Celsius) when wet, so it is not hot. However, please note that when the hair is almost dry, lowering the temperature slightly will make the drying process more comfortable.

The 7-way three-dimensional wind and bio pad thoroughly dry even the belly and feet. If you remove enough moisture with a towel and comb frequently in between, the drying time can be greatly reduced.

Caresys Pet Dry Room minimizes your pet's stress with facial wind-free and white goosebump technology. Additionally, the patented shutter-type sliding door can be used with the door open like a house, reducing adaptation time. Help them adapt by relaxing in the dry room and enjoying nose work.

The main wind of the Caresys Pet Dry Room comes from the bottom and back, and the other directions are designed to circulate rather than direct wind to aid drying. Unlike regular dryers that focus on the speed of air to dry the area strongly, the Caresys Pet Dry Room increases the amount of air to dry the entire area.

Without direct wind hitting the face, warm air surrounds the child with appropriate wind strength and direction from top to bottom, reducing the pet's stress caused by the drying process after bathing.

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