When requesting repairs, please make sure you have your warranty card with the date of purchase. In the event of malfunction while using the product, you are entitled to free repair service for one year from the date of purchase. However, in the event of malfunction due to customer negligence or natural disaster, repairs will be charged, even during the warranty period. Please feel free to contact us at support@mycaresys.com or call 213-351-0000

- The quality guarantee for this product is covered by the contents of the warranty.
- The free warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase. Please write down the date of purchase on the warranty card and store it in a safe location.
- In the event of customer negligence, there is no guarantee provided for quality abnormalities such as product damage, malfunction, deformation, or expiration of the warranty period.
- Repair may not be possible in the case of external damage or deformation that is not a symptom of malfunction of the product.
- This warranty is not reissued, and damages in case of loss are not guaranteed.
- We do not guarantee any transaction service or repairs for transactions between individuals.
- In the case of supply under a separate contract (delivery, gift, procurement, etc.), the warranty details are applied according to the main contract.

[Products cannot be returned or exchanged]

Products that cannot be exchanged or returned due to California hygiene laws, such as wigs or underwear
If the value of the product is damaged due to customer mistakes such as graffiti or damage
If the product has already been used or opened, or if 7 days have passed since receipt of the product
Products with defects due to customer use
Clearance products
Food, food, or ingestion-related products

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